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In use by the United States Army.
Easily manage your operating room lead aprons!
Passed the United States Military's Functionality and Security without any changes to the original software.
In use in Australia
In use by U.S. Veterans Administration Hospitals.
In use in Canada after passing government review.
In use by many large Universities and Health Systems and even very small hospitals, thus, proving the systems high flexibility.
Meeting the needs of our customers through excellent software and support.

Welcome to LeadApronCheck.com
Your source for lead apron tracking.
A Lead Apron Tracking software that lets you easily Enter, Organize and Report your Lead Apron Tracking Information.
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Frustrated with lead apron inspections? Had Enough?

No longer want to deal with NOT KNOWING which x-ray aprons have been inspected? NOW, you can accurately track lead apron inspections.
We have been listening to the Imaging and Radiation Safety community, and ApronCheck.com is the solution to your problems and requests for quality, time-saving inspection management.

New to ApronCheck.com?

In just 7 minutes find out how to accurately track lead apron
inspections in your x-ray and imaging departments.
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Do you know which lead aprons have been inspected?

Lead Apron Testing Program
  • Do you know which lead aprons have NOT been inspected?
  • Do you know who has personal lead Aprons in your department?
  • Can you produce an entire life history for a single apron?
  • Do you know which lead aprons have been sent out for repair?
  • Do you have good lead apron policies and procedures?
  • If the person who is tracking your lead aprons left, could you produce a life history report?
  • Can your staff look at a lead apron and tell if it has been inspected recently?

If you CANNOT answer YES to ALL these questions
then you need ApronCheck.com software.

  Lead Apron Check Software

Lead Apron Check Tracking Software
  • Easily Enter, Organize and Report your Lead Apron Tracking Information
  • Track Your Lead Aprons with ease
  • Prepare for State X-Ray inspections
  • Prepare for The Joint Commission *
  • No More Paper Log books
  • Create 18 Different Reports
  • Confidently track your lead apron inspections
  • Inspection Reports
  • Missing Apron Reports
  • Private Apron User Report
  • Visually identify inspected aprons
  • And much more!
The first and only patented software available, written specifically for the purpose of tracking lead aprons known to us.
Please visit our Features page to learn more. * This product is not endorsed or sponsored by The Joint Commission
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