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Aproncheck Software does not use log4j, and is not affected by the log4j exploit.

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Welcome to LeadApronCheck.com
Your source for lead apron tracking.
A Lead Apron Tracking software that lets you easily Enter, Organize and Report your Lead Apron Tracking Information
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Purchase Lead Apron Testing and Tracking Software

If you are interested in purchasing our product, please select one of the recognized ApronCheck Vendors.

Owens Scientific, Inc.

Lead Apron Manufacturers Licensed to Produce Aprons with ApronCheck Button Boxes

Below you can find companies that are authorized to provide you with aprons that have Apron Check button boxes manufactured into the aprons. To purchase ApronCheck software, you must utilize one of our recognized vendors: Ganford Medical or Owens Scientific, Inc.

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A Magazine of Distinction in Radiology

Purchase ApronCheck Software For Your Lead Apron Tracking Needs

Lead Apron Check Testing and Tracking Software Don't get caught with your required lead apron tracking and documentation NOT ready for an unannounced inspection. ApronCheck can make all the difference in staying INSPECTION READY with all your lead aprons... and all for the cost of about 3 high-end angio apron sets.

ApronCheck is extremely cost-effective considering the man-hours it will save. If you consider the cost of a failed inspection or, worse, having a someone caught wearing an apron that is past-due for inspection and possibly damaged, you'll see that ApronCheck is essential to tracking all your lead aprons.

ApronCheck does not sell directly to end users, but we're more than happy to answer your questions.